See the incredible and unique birdlife of Ecuador with this birding excursion with an experienced bird guide. Departing from Quito City, travel to private reserves and bird sanctuaries to discover Ecuador bird species in their natural habitat. Potential bird spots include : andean condors, umbrella birds, andean cock of the rock bird leks of the West and also of the East (different color variations), toucans, hummingbirds, tanagers,  kites, eagles, hawks, falcons, screech owls, nightjars, cuckoos, parrots, macaws, quetzals, trogons, motmots, barbets, woodpeckers, xenops, tapaculos, manakins, cotingas, tyrannulets, dippers, thrushes, wrens, warblers, brushfinches, orioles, caciques, wood rails, guans, wood quails, ant pittas, woodcreepers among other bird species of Ecuador.  The necessary equipment including a spotting bird scope, binoculars and tuned bird calls are included.



Richard toured us (4 seniors: 3 men, 1 woman) on an 18 day road trip of Ecuador (S, E, N, W). Richard is experienced, knowledgeable, well connected, organized, conscientious, thoughtful & intelligent. He strived to provide accommodation, food & bird watching/photography venues to suit each of us. He’s also an excellent driver. Richard organized separate boat cruise tours for me to the Galapagos & Amazon Rain forest, including all travel & accommodation within the excursions, and it all came off without a hitch! I was extremely well taken care of, and felt safe throughout the month of travel, thanks to Richard. I highly recommend Richard Hernandez for any travel within Ecuador.

ecuador birds tour


Richard exceeded all of our expectations. He has connections at various birding reserves which made it feel like we had VIP passes to see the best birds. He was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. Richard’s main goal was to help us see as many birds as we could and he succeeded. We saw toucans, tanagers, creepers, woodpeckers, hummingbirds (so many hummingbirds!), cuckoos, and quetzals, just to name a few. Overall, we saw over 75 species of birds. It was an experience of a lifetime and the highlight of our trip to Ecuador.