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Ecuador has some bird species that carry out intra-tropical migratory movements. The movements of these species are limited to a small geographical area, since they reproduce in a tropical region (for example, in the dry Tumbesian forest and migrate to another tropical region after reproducing (for example, in the Choco humid forest). Although this migratory system is little known, it is known that there are about 10 species that do it.



ecuador birds tour


If you are a bird watcher and are looking for a local company that knows places where you can enjoy, photograph birdlife in its purest form, our company will help you design your own itinerary with the assistance of Richard Hernandez. Richard has nearly 26 years of experience in different ecosystems. Just tell me how many days you have, any birds of special interest to you, or you want a private or shared tour. That’s all !


ecuador birds tour

An interesting factor in bird diversity in Ecuador is the number of migratory species that visit the country regularly, occasionally and even accidentally. Around 220 migrant species have been recorded, of which at least 125 are regular visitors, others only transit to their winter territories further south or further north of Ecuador, while others reside in the country during this winter period. The majority of migrants come from the northern hemisphere (130 species), about 25 species migrate from the southern hemisphere, another 12 migrate along the southern coast of the country and northern Peru following environmental changes in the cold Humboldt current.



ecuador birds tour


Richard Hernandez takes the thought of conservation into concrete facts. All the bird reserves that we visit, especially the southern part of Ecuador they do belong to conservation foundation Jocotoco, this ORG does incredible conservation work not only in the southern part of Ecuador, but also in the entire Ecuadorian territory. Here some of their bird reserves of Ecuador: Buenaventura bird reserve, Jorupe bird reserve, Utuana bird reserve, Copalinga bird reserve.



Richard Hernandez is highly recommended on TripAdvisor as bird guide. Ecuador Birding Tour/Photography to suit your needs. Itineraries carefully designed, bird lodges. About 700 bird species live throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon, most of them with a continuous distribution throughout the region. Several studies of Amazonian biogeography have determined that the largest rivers delimit the current distribution of several bird species and separate nearby taxa on different sides of the river.



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We have our comfortable tourist transport vehicles, small buses for big groups and Toyota 4Runner for couples and up to 3 people. All of them are bright new and full equipped with air conditioning and professional driver/bird guide. The topography of Ecuador in south America is dramatic, it does require a well made and strong vehicle, we do not trust in Chinese made or SUVs that is why our ground transportation we do provide to all our clients has to be Japanese or German technology. Drivers speak basic English and all bird guides speak fluent English.


ecuador birds tour

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